Which Is Cheaper To Insure: A SUV Or A Minivan?

If you are having troubles deciding between a SUV or a minivan as a next car purchase, you should also review the insurance costs. The differences may be really huge in terms of premium costs. Find out which is cheaper to insure, why and get car insurance quotes.

SUVs and minivans have a lot of things in common, but also several major differences. Here are some of the things insurance companies look at when assessing rates for an SUV or minivan:

  • PRF-426SUVs are generally favored by men, and men tend to pay higher insurance rates than women (especially men under the age of 25)
  • 41% of SUV drivers are male compared to 36.4% of minivan drivers
  • The average age of both SUV and minivan drivers is about equal: the average driver is in their early 50s
  • SUVs tend to have higher claim rates than minivans due to their size and weight; in a collision, an SUV tends to cause more damage to property, vehicles, and passengers, which means more third-party claims and more money to be paid by the companies
  • In a collision, an SUV is more likely to roll over than a minivan
  • SUVs typically cost more to repair than a minivan.


Based on all of the information above, you can see why minivans tend to be cheaper to insure than SUVs. Minivans are the traditional family vehicle. Auto insurance companies know this, and they take it into account when building a policy. Minivans also tend to do less damage in a collision. They’re less likely to roll over, and their smaller size and lower weight makes them less likely to damage other vehicles and property.

In general, a minivan costs about $930 to insure. An SUV costs about $1,250 to insure. That’s a difference of about $330 a year. You will pay about $30 more per month on your minivan insurance compared to your SUV insurance.

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