What To Do After a Hit and Run Accident

Being involved in an accident is traumatic. But noticing that the other driver is fleeing can trigger anger, wrath and other unpleasant feelings. Although you may be tempted to chase the other driver, you should not. Find out what to do after a hit and run accident. And if you want to get more info about car insurance and a free online car insurance quote, check our webpage.

hit-and-run.mgn_The first thing to do is to remain at the scene of the accident. Otherwise, you can place yourself in a compromising position. Plus, you will miss any potential witness who can give you precious info and be by your side at an eventual trial.  The police could even question the guilt and you may end up as the one convicted for the accident.

Try to document everything possible and chronologically list all events that led to the accident. Get the following info:

  • Get the license plate number of the fleeing car
  • Take down the make and model of car
  • What color the car is
  • Approximate year of car
  • Time and location of accident
  • Contact information of potential witnesses
  • Direction the driver headed
  • Pictures of the scene and damage to your car

Next, call the police and let them create a report. You will also need this report or a copy of it, to hand it to your insurance company. Upon arrival, the police officers will ask you to give as much info and possible. Provide the info you noted.

Then, call the insurance company and notify them about the hit and run incident. Your company will begin the claim process. Depending on the contract terms, you may get a rental car. If the fleeing driver is identified, your insurer will file a claim with that driver’s insurance company.

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