Key Items For A Winter Driving Kit

For many of us, winter means ice and snow and, of course, really low temperatures. It pays off to have an emergency kit in your car whenever you venture outside. But what to include in this kit? Check the following list! Furthermore, in order to prevent any financial loss, you should buy adequate coverage.  We can help you with that, by providing free online quotes for auto insurance. First, let’s review the top essential items:

  1. winter driving kitA shovel. Nothing works better than a shovel when your car gets stuck in the snow. In many situations a shovel was a lifesaving tool. Look for folded, lightweight models.
  2. De-icers and windshield scrapers. Both items will help you have a good visibility on the roads. Use a de-icer if there’s a really thick layer of ice on windshield’s surface.
  3. Drinks and high-energy food. Never forget to add food and drink in your kit. It is recommended to add water and some high-energy food, not alcohol or junk food (no matter how much you would love it). Add anything that says “energy bars”.
  4. Extra batteries and cellphones. It would be wise to add an extra functional phone to your kit. Also, add some batteries. Not only for the cellphone, but also for flashlight.
  5. Mobile chargers. Keeping your cellphone on in times of emergency is imperative. In this way, you can communicate with rescue forces and they can pinpoint your location. Bring a portable charger with you – it will be really useful in times of need.
  6. Warm clothes and blankets. They will help you survive, should you have to stay in car, waiting for rescuers.
  7. A first aid kit. A basic first-aid kit with bandages, gauze, a cleaning agent, and pain relievers is a must-have for your winter driving kit.

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